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Curb Appeal

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

How important is it when Listing your home??

5 things to help you get the most return for your home.

Curb Appeal- How Important is it?? Very. First impressions are very important and make a huge difference when it comes to selling your home. If you want to get the maximum price out of your home, curb appeal should be something you focus on.

The front of the home is the first thing people will see and most buyers will form an opinion whether they like a home or not by just driving up or driving past the house.

Here is a small list of relatively simple things you can do to get the most value out of your home and have Great Curb Appeal.

1. Make sure your lawn is freshly-mowed and weed-free.

Condition of the lawn is a must. If you have dead trees or bushes, get rid of them. If you had overgrown shrubs, prune them. The work you put in will pay off in the end. The better your lawn looks reflects on how people perceive your home. If your lawn looks well taken care of, that will transition onto the inside and make your home appear well cared for. If you have small dirt patches of missing grass, it is also nice to put down some seed so that area will be filled in.

2. Add a 'POP' of color and clean up the landscaping.

You can plant the flowers yourself or you can get a nice planter with some bright colors to make your home stand out. You want that 'wow' factor. You want your home to stand out. And adding a pop of color is sure to do this.

You should also make sure the weeds are pulled, there is fresh mulch and overall, clean landscaping

3. Clean the gutters.

Something as simple as getting all the leaves out of the gutters is HUGE for the over-all curb appearance of your home. Nobody wants to see all the leaves your gutters have attracted over the last 5 years. You would be surprised at how important this is.

4. The Driveway

Just having a nice, clean driveway will help the appearance. This is a small thing that will help you get the maximum price out of your home. You want the buyer to feel like they are driving up to their new home. Not just someone else's house. So wash the driveway off, clean up any huge cracks or weeds that might be growing through the cracks, and at a bare minimum, sweet it clean... it will help you get maximum amount out of your house.

3. Wash your house

Especially if you have an older home or are in a heavy-wooded area. Over time, cobwebs appear, windows get dirty, just overall your home gets dirty. A quick fix it to do a nice power-wash to your home and deck. It clears the debris and will make your home look great!

Before and After- Pressure Wash

4. Look at the condition of your exterior

You will get the best return for your money if you replace the roof if it needs it. If your roof is old or only has a few years left, you are better off replacing it and then listing your home for a higher amount. Otherwise you might get a low-ball offer on your home, if any. Buyers do not want to spend a lot of money on a home only to have to put a lot of money back into it right away. To a lot of buyers, right away can easily mean 3 years.

You should also look at the siding and trim of your home. if you have paint chipping everywhere, its best to spend a few bucks and make it look nice. Painting is always one of the cheapest things you can do to make a huge difference and make the home feel newer.

Also, check out your front door. If the door is old, chipped, doorknob is rusted or doesn't work well, you should fix it. Otherwise, the rest of your home will suffer. The front door is one of the first things people notice when they enter a house. Just freshening it up or changing the handle can be HUGE.

Before and After- The Exterior
Before and After

5. The Backyard

Lets start of simple. Do you have an above ground pool? If the answer is yes, get rid of it. I promise. Pools do not have a return, if any, in Minnesota. If anything, it actually will deter buyers. If you will not take it down, make sure it is clean and 100% free of algae, dirt and leaves. If you don't have a pool, no worries.

How is the size of your backyard?? If it is on the smaller side, you want to give the illusion of it having as much space as possible. That means, clean any garbage or old furniture that may be outside, freshen it up, power-wash or re-stain the back, make sure your patio looks nice, anything you can do to make it look as empty, clean, and as large as possible will help.

As you have read, there are many things you can do to improve your Curb Appeal. Some for costly than others but they will out-weigh their return in the amount of money you may be able to get for your home.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and make sure if you have any questions on Curb Appeal or anything pertaining to Real Estate, feel free to

contact me anytime by clicking here.

Happy House Hunting!

-HS _Realtor

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